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Hot & Spicy Chow Shou 🔥

$7 | $12

Steamed wontons and bean sprouts topped with scallions in a spicy ginger sauce

Hot and Sour Soup

$6 | $10

The most popular Szechuan soup, made with shredded tofu, bamboo shoots, wood ears, mushrooms, eggs, and scallions

Wonton Soup

$6 | $10

The classic pasta soup from Canton. Lean pork finely chopped & wrapped in a light pasta, in a clear broth with shredded green veggies

Egg Drop Soup

$6 | $10

Rich clear broth thickened with egg swirls

Miso Soup

$5 | $8

Japanese vegetarian soup with tofu and seaweed

Vegetarian Soup (for 2)


Combination of vegetables and bean curd in a clear broth

Chicken Vegetable Soup (for 2)


Sliced chicken with pea pods, baby corn, carrots and fresh mushrooms, served with sizzling rice

Sizzling Rice Soup with Shrimp (for 2)


Fresh mushrooms, snow peas, and cubes of water chestnuts in tomato broth

Chicken with Creamy Corn Soup (for 2)


Minced chicken, baby corn and egg swirls in a chicken broth

House Special Seafood Soup (for 2)


A clear broth featuring fresh shrimp, scallops, and fish. Garnished with veggies and topped with a frothy swirl of egg white

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