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Noodle Dishes

Small  |  Large

Garlic Noodles

$8 | $12

Shanghai noodles stir-fried in a light garlic sauce

Chicken or Pork Lo Mein

$9 | $13

Soft egg noodles. Choice of chicken, roasted pork, or veggies

Beef or Shrimp Lo Mein

$11 | $14

Soft egg noodles. Choice of beef or shrimp

Jar Jar Man 🔥

$12 | $15

Lobster sauce over egg noodles cooked in a hot & spicy brown sauce

Peking Lo Mein

$13 | $18

Soft egg noodles with a combo of pork, chicken, beef & shrimp

House Special Pan-Fried Noodles

$17 | $28

Crispy egg noodles topped with shrimp, chicken, beef, pork & mixed veggies in a house special brown sauce. (Vegetarian Style Available)

Mei Fun

$12 | $15

Soft angel hair rice noodle sautéed with egg, chicken & veggies in a white wine sauce

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